Ultimate Student Notion Planner

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Are you looking for an ultimate study planner that can help you stay organized and motivated throughout your academic journey?

The Study Hub is the perfect Notion template for students that has every feature a student could dream of to make studying more fun and easy.

This Notion planner includes advanced features, such as progress bars and a pomodoro timer, to help you stay focused and productive while working on your assignments and studying for exams. It also includes daily and weekly planners, motivational study quotes, and self-development tools like habit trackers and a procrastination buster page.

Additionally, this study planner is designed to be customizable and adaptable to your specific needs. With in-depth class pages and advanced trackers for assignments, exams, grades, notes, and readings, you can easily keep track of your progress and achieve your academic goals for all of your different classes.


  • Digital clock
  • Flocus Pomodoro timer
  • Digital sticky note
  • Flocus Motivational study quotes widget
  • Quick links table
  • Navigation boxes
  • Weekly planner
  • Timebox daily planner
  • Class schedule
  • Procrastination buster
  • Habit-breaking daily tracker
  • Habit-making daily tracker
  • Classes pages with notes tracker, exam grades tracker, -exam papers tracker, syllabus section, assignments table for that class, upcoming exams for that class table
  • Exam reflection page
  • Urgent assignments
  • Assignments + exams tables (with different views)
  • Reading list trackers
  • Notes to review and exam papers to re-do section

So why wait?

Buy The Study Hub today and start taking control of your academic journey with this aesthetic, easy-to-use planner.

Notion is a free tool application that you can download today.

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Access to the ultimate Notion study planner called 'the study hub'.

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Ultimate Student Notion Planner

0 ratings
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