Secrets of an A* Student Book

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Ready to become the top student you always dreamed of? The one with a social life, extra-curriculars, AND gets top grades. Yea, you know those (annoying) ones.

We are here to spill the beans on the secrets of an A* student and how you (yes, you) can achieve your dream grade.

You don’t actually have to be a genius in your subject and with the right tips, then you can become a top student.

This book will detail the best methods to learn and apply information to exam questions.

However, it is not only revision techniques that can help you get that grade.

This book also covers other important aspects you need to think about including:

  • exam technique
  • time management
  • wellbeing
  • exam papers
  • motivation
  • procrastination
  • and more!

Wherever you are in your academic journey, by implementing these methods you will study more effectively, so that you can achieve a higher grade and spend less time studying!

Are you ready to learn the secrets of an A* student?

P.S Keep these secrets between us 😉.

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E-book sharing how you can transform your grades today from the experience and knowledge of an A* student.

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Secrets of an A* Student Book

0 ratings
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